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Organize Necklace Chaos March 9, 2009

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Necklace Oragnizer

Necklace Oragnizer

I have A LOT of necklaces. I enjoy making them and buying them, I think they are an easy way to update a wardrobe or change an outfit, so I like to have plenty of choices handy. I had considered hanging all of the necklaces on fun and funky hooks on the wall, but I currently rent and I did not want to drill that many holes in the wall (not to mention that I didn’t have the patience to drill that many holes). So I took yet another frame I had found at a garage sale, cut a piece of half-inch thick foam core and wrapped it in fabric. Then, I glued the fabric covered foam core into the frame. I use stick pins to hang the necklaces. I was originally worried that wouldn’t hold the weight of the necklaces, but they hold up pretty well and I have some heavy necklaces hanging on them.


4 Responses to “Organize Necklace Chaos”

  1. Kristen Heldenbrand Says:

    Ooh, very nice!! You might try brass thumbtacks. I have them pushed into the back of my bathroom door to hold scarves and belts. I might have to steal this idea. My necklaces are all in a hopeless jumble in a clear plastic tub. They deserve so much better!

  2. Elizabeth Marie Says:

    Hi I’m making this and I was wondering what you put to back the frame? And on top is fabric, correct.

    • createalot Says:

      Hi there!
      I actually didn’t put anything on the back of the frame, I just used the really thick foam core board and made it fit tightly into the frame. In hindsight, I should have nailed or stapled a piece of board (most likely cardboard or mat board) to the back. You are correct about the fabric, I just covered the foam core with the fabric and hot glued it. Good luck with your project and I’d love to see a picture when you are done!


  3. wildmaven Says:

    My husband just made this for me, but put painted wood behind it and drilled holes in the wood, in which he inserted cup hooks. It turned out really nice. Thanks for the great idea!

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